About Us - The Company

Spazzolificio Manfredini is located in San Felice sul Panaro (Modena, Italia), and has been manufacturing brushes for more than fifty years for various industries ranging from ceramics, wood, and surface treatment of metals to the food industry and more.


Brushes are made to order or based on customer indications using varying materials according to brush use. Materials include vegetable filaments such as tampico, animal filaments such as horse or goat hair, synthetic materials such as PVC, polypropylene and nylon, and even high resistance or stainless steel.

Over the last ten years, Spazzolificio Manfredini s.n.c. has become specialized in working with abrasive nylon. Thanks to an attentive and demanding clientele, to collaboration with an international level partner like DU PONT DE NEMOURS INC., our TYNEX® A. supplier, to the extreme professionalism of our personnel and to the high level of technology in the manufacturing lines, the company consider itself among the leading producers of abrasive brushes.

The leading manufacturing principle is quality. Continual research of innovative materials aims to optimize the quality level of the company's wide range of products.

Spazzolificio Manfredini s.n.c. pays particular attention to respecting delivery dates, for total satisfaction of both long-standing customers who have been in collaboration for decades, as well as new customers who can thus fully appreciate the product style and quality.